Dec 27, 2010

I'm so happy

In a few days, I'll be the owner of a Brother 3034D serger! I ordered one yesterday and I can't wait till I get it. It will make it so much more fun to sew, and the garments gets much more professional with nice seams.

Maybe I'll start an etsy-shop and start selling my garments? That would be so fun, but I don't know how to reach out to people so that they get to know about the shop and buy stuff... Feels kinda pointless with a shop without anyone noticing it. ;) Any ideas?


  1. oh wow that's awesome, I'm sure this will condemn you to a sewing-for-life sentence:)) Can't wait to see you new projects;) And if you want to start a shop, you will get to know abt marketing and everything - so much info available in forums and articles! Enjoy your new toy! Looks like a busy 2011!;)

    ♥, Magda 웃

  2. Blog like crazy about it. Plus, on etsy, your work will speak for itself! I think it's a great idea!