Dec 1, 2010

Dec. 1: advent candlestick

Here we go, the first flap in the calendar is open!

Me and my sister wanted a little more personal advent candlestick this year than the usual red storebought ones. We bought this one in a thrift store:

It costed us the huge amount of 100 cent, and after some varnish color, lamps and new candle-rings, this is what we got:

I made the candle-rings vith some wire and beads. It was really simple, but it's kinda hard to explain how I made them. I give you a close-up instead, and then there's just to ask if there's anything you wonder.

Just wind, wind, bead, wind, wind, more beads... Yeah, you get it.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for more Diy!

Have a great evening everyone!

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