Dec 22, 2010

Dec. 22: Knitted headband

Ive been knitting on a headband for a while now. Knitting isn't really my cup of tea I've discovered. It's so interminably and I'm so slow. But I'm happy to have finished something just for this once. Here's the result:

I knitted a long band that reached around my head and sew the ends together. Then I knitted a small band that I sew around the first one so that it gathers a little.

If I could change something now, I would've made it a little wider. But I like it anyway!

1 comment:

  1. yep, you do fantastic quick things so I can understand why you wouldn't like how fast knitting is going! Recently I had to sit in a bank for almost 2 hours, I was so craving for my knitting needles! I would have gotten out of there proudly with a headband too (if I had them)!;)