Dec 6, 2010

Dec. 6: Lace necklace/collar

For the 6th day I made a necklace that looks like a collar from a piece of lace. I'm really happy with the result, it can turn a boring sweater into something really cute. (and my sister doesn't make it less cute, that's for sure!)

All you need is: a piece of lace, chain, lock, pins, water and wood glue.

Take a piece of lace that's a little bit longer than you want it to be in the end. Make pleats on the upper edge and pin, so that it gets rounded, like this:

Mix together the water and glue so that it looks like milk. Dip the lace in the mixture, and be sure that the whole lace get wet. Put it to dry. When it's dry it should also be a little stiff so that you can remove the pins without destroying the pleats. If you want to you can hand-sew the pleats with a few stitches, but it isn't necessary. I didn't. Now you just have to anchor the chain to the lace and put on the lock. Ready!

It's easypeasy!


  1. Therese hittade både din och Annas bloggar idag! Ni är väldigt duktiga! Här skall det läsas framöver! /Störstebror

  2. åh, trevligt trevligt! fänk you!