Dec 21, 2010

Dec. 21: painted dishcloth

My christmas holiday started today!!

And I've painted something as boring as dishclothes. But after the re-make they aren't as boring as before:

Hearts on one side..

..and rabbits on the other.

Elephants on one side..

...and polka dots on the other.

I bought some white dishclothes and painted it with a pen for fabrics. The instruction says: "Fix the paint by ironing on the reverse of the cloth for approx 2 minutes with the iron set to cotton", but of course I read that after I painted both sides of the cloth! So I put a cotton-fabric between the dishcloth and the iron so that the print wouldn't get destroyed.

Maybe washing will get just a teensy weensy bit more fun now? Nooo, I don't think so, but still! ;)


  1. I love your drawings, especially the rabbits. Rabbits have always been one of my favorite animals. So cute! I'm so flattered to be on your "I love" list. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

  2. hmm maybe you could put a cloth on top and iron - it should fix both sides now. I've done some fabric painting recently also, I think the ironing is quite optional... I like your shapes a lot and a pen for painting fabric -I wish! I spend hours with the most annoying brushes...