Dec 5, 2010

Dec. 5: Hand printed top

For today I've made an easy sewing project that I think everybody who can use a sewing machine can make. It's a really simple shape that you can decorate in many different ways. I printed it with linoleum stamps that I cut myself. And then I decorated it with bows in the back.

Make your own:

(the measures are in centimeters)
Cut two square pieces of lightweight fabric (mine is cotton). The measurements in the pic above are the ones I used for my top, but you can of course make it bigger or smaller if you like. Cut out the neckline.

If you want to print the top, it might be easiest to do that before you sew the pieces together. If you have linoleum you can carve out your own stamp to print with. If not, I guess you can buy stamps. Or you could make a potato-stamp. Or use a stencil you make from a piece of paper. Or paint the fabric freehand. There are many ways :) Anyways, use fabric color and print your pattern on the top. Let it dry and iron as the instructions on the color says.

Sew together the seam at the shoulders and the side seam. When sewing the side-seam, leave open for the armholes. I left around 25 cm on each side for the armholes.

If you have a serger -> serge all the sides and shoulder-seams and press the seam allowance apart. Stitch down the allowance on the sides so that you get nice armholes.

If you haven't got a serger-> make french seams (thanks Grosgrain) at the shoulders. And in the sides you can double-fold the seam allowance and stitch.

Sew bias tape to the neckline and hem your top.

Now you can make the bows. Take a matching band and tie five small bow-ties. Handsew them to the top in a straight row down the back:

Finished! Hope you understood, otherwise just ask ask ask!

If you're making anything inspired from my turtorials, I would love if you e-mailed me pictures. And if you're okay with it I might show it on my blog after christmas when I'm finished with my calendar. It would be great to see your creations!


  1. This is really cute! I definitely have to try carving my own stamps!

  2. the bows compliment the design in such a fun way! I like it and it's something I'd try too, the stamps;)

  3. Ooh I love this! I'll have to try it sometime, thanks for the idea!