Jul 28, 2010

When I wear it I feel cute

I have one new garment to show you, but I have no time to take pictures on it since I'm working 9-5 every weekday and am to tired when I come home. So an old dress will have to serve instead. I used Elaine's wonderful coffee date dress-pattern as a base, but changed it a bit. I really like the exposed zipper detail!

And by the way, when I looked at these pictures I realised that the only way you could possibly guess that I once played soccer, is to look at my calfs. Haha.

Jul 23, 2010

Friday I'm in love

A drawing I made a while ago with promarker felt pens. I definitely recomend promarkers to everybody who likes to draw, they're lovely! The only disadvantage is that they run out very quickly.

Have a good evening everybody, I will!

Jul 18, 2010

Always on my mind

Dress: Ranzin
Model: sister

Okey bikey

Yesterday nights scribble I made when everybody should be asleep.

Vivid flowers

I just made a very summerish bracelet. I took the flowers from two candle-rings I bought 2-hand. The pearls inside the flowers are 2-hand too, so it was a very cheap bracelet. I like that!

Sweet red little raspberries

I call this skirt "the raspberry skirt" because its color is very similar to raspberries. And because I like raspberries. My favorite thing about this (except the color) is the pockets with their lace trim.

And btw, this is happiness:

Dance dance dance

How lovely is the jumper in the last picture? I love the open part in the back and all the pearls!

Both pictures are from lookbook.

Jul 17, 2010

Kiss me with your eyelashes tonight

How about some eyelashes on the collarbones?

Made by me.

Lovin' braids

I got soo inspired yesterday when I found this picture, so I made a similar necklace but changed it a bit to make it my own. It was actually easier than I thought! I used two different kinds of pearls because I didn't have enough of just one kind, but I like the effect. Earlier today I photographed some of the jewellery I've made, so it will come more of that later. And clothes ofc!

Jul 16, 2010

Blue, the color of our planet from far far away

About a year ago, my cousin got married. I made this dress the day before the wedding was held, it's always good to start in good time! Well, at least I finished it in time and wore it at the wedding. And I got many compliments on it, it felt good!

Isn't the garden lovely?! I thank my mother for that nice background!

Sea of love

Beautiful stuff.

pics: 1, 3 (Don't remember where the second pic is from, tell me if you know!)


I got the name labels for the clothes I sew today! I've already started sewing it in to a few garments and it feels so proffessional, haha.

Ranzin is a shorter version of rantzien that's a part of my surname. My full surname is Horn af Rantzien, but most of the time I only use Horn because it's easier. Sooo, that's the very interesting explanation of my label.

Sneak peek

Sneak peaks of one of my projects I'm working on right now, it's a small top with a chiffon frill. Now I just have to put on some buttons and buttonholes and then it's ready. I think I will sew a pair of high-waisted shorts to go with this short top, it could be cool.

Hello there!

Sooo, welcome to my blog. And I don't really know what to say here...

Okay, I'll make a very short presentation of myself and the blog.

My name is Horn. Lisa Horn. I'm 17 years old and I study fashion design in high school. I live in Sweden and I'm a pretty geeky person, instead of going out to parties and stuff like that, I prefer sitting at home with my sewing machine. I like creating stuff, I design and sew clothes, make jewellery, draw pictures and, well.. I just love DIY.

And that's pretty much what this blog is going to contain I suppose. And a lot of inspiration.

Happy reading!