Feb 23, 2011

Coral dress remake

This is a dress remake I made a long time ago. I thought I'd already posted it here, but apparently I hadn't.. I bought the dress in a thrift store just to kill it and make it into a new dress.

How I wish it could be spring! I want to be able to go outside the door in a denim jacket and sneakers without getting frozen to death. Or at least I want to be able to put my nose outside the door without getting frozen to death. That'd be something.


  1. It looks a lot better without sleeves. I love the crotchet trim and the colour of the dress. And I'd love the weather to be warm enough to just wear a dress but English weather in the summertime sucks so I shouldn't get optimistic.

  2. We don't get that much rain. I think the best way to describe English weather is dull. I'm planning to travel in the summer so hopefully I'll experience a bit more heat and sunshine. And you are more than welcome for the comments.

  3. All over Europe. Currently the plan is to go to Paris, then Munich, Prague, Vienna, Ljubljana, Venice, Milan and then back to Paris. But it will probably change according to trains or the personal preference of me and my friends.

    Its a kind of mini gap year in between high school finishing and university starting. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Ah what a colour! Lovely remake, it gives it a different feel!

  5. I adore what you did to this dress.