Dec 4, 2010

Dec. 4: book wrap

If someone you know likes to read, it's very easy to find gifts for him/her. I think it's much more fun to give away more than one book, for example a series of books or just a couple of books you bought in a thrift store. And instead of just wrapping them as they are, you can make something more special.

I took a piece of thick paper, cut it to a strip that I wrapped around three books and glued the ends together. Then I made a double bookmark from the same paper. I put a magnet on each side of the bookmark so that it will stay where it belongs in the book. Then I just put a string around everything and tied a bow. Now it's ready to wrap in a usual gift wrap.

Don't forget to check in here tomorrow. I've made something special for 2d advent!

1 comment:

  1. This is very pretty! What a good idea. I hope I get books for Christmas... it might even be better than getting jewelry...