Sep 2, 2011


 Now I've tried to dye with tea. I had this white dress that I never used just because it was white. And I don't really like wearing white clothes. So I decided to try what I've been wanting to try for so long. If anyone is interested, just ask and I'll make a tutorial. The funny thing is that you never know what the exact color will be until it's ready. This dress turned out to be some kind of grey-purple, I like!
Anyway this is the result:


  1. I'm curious, how did you dye the dress with tea? Isn't tea something that will get off the fabric after being washed?


  2. gemmafloyd: no, it doesn't get of. I don't know how, but it's stuck :) I'll write how I did it in a new post!

  3. What a beautiful effect :-)