May 19, 2011

About everything

Okay, not much update here lately! But I have the usuall excuse, it's been so much to do and I've been so tired. But, here I am.

I've been asked to show the ball gown I'm making, and I will do that when it's ready. And the same with my collection.

Me and two friends have a project in school where we've been collecting clothes and today we've been packing a trailer ful with the clothes and early tomorrow we're going to an orphanage in Riga with them. I hope that they get happy and that we will succeed. We're gonna stay for the weekend, so tonight will be all about packing and preparing. I'm really excited!

And in less than a month, I'm graduating from school and I become free! And in the end of june, I'm going to Barcelona to spend the summer there, working as an au pair and enjoying the city. I can't wait!

After the summer, I have a little project going on, but I tell you more about that later when I know more.

So, that was all I wanted to say right now. And let's hope for more updates here in the future :) Have a great weekend, I will!

All the drawings are made by Anna, my sister.


  1. Sounds like you've got exciting plans! How weird is it to be leaving school? I only have a week left! And your sister is talented. You should work together to make a t-shirt collection or something along those lines.

  2. I finished on Friday and I thought I'd be more upset but I just felt weird. I don't think it's properly set in yet. I've still got to go into school for exams though.

    My plan for next year is to go a year long course in art & design which will lead into a degree of some kind. What are your plans?