Apr 6, 2011

What I have done

As you might have noticed, I haven'n been here for a while now. It's because I've had crazy much to do and nothing to write about. So what have I done since last time?
  • been sick for a week
  • studied
  • almost finished a dress for my aunt
  • started sewing on a ball-gown for a friend
  • studied some more

Since not much sewing for myself has happened lately, I'll show you this shirt I made a couple of years ago instead.

Hope you're all good!


  1. Being ill sucks. And so does studying.

    I'm intrigued to see that you're making a ball gown since I'm planning to make an evening dress myself. Fingers crossed my plan goes ahead and good luck with yours.

  2. cute shirt! waiting to hear abt your progress with the gown, maybe some pics too?:D

  3. Your week sounds just like mine! It's not much fun being sick during study time :(

    I love that dress - I recognise it from BurdaStyle! Can't wait to see the ball gown :)

  4. So it was tough time for you. When do you start the summer holidays in Sweden?
    I hope you'll trot your works out when you finish.

  5. Cute shirt. Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects. Hope you feel well soon


  6. Stopping by from Burda Style. I like that shirt. Great job!! Love the collar.


  7. Helt okej kompensation. Skjorta eftersom du varit borta. Mhm!

    Ja du. Halsbandet med alla rosa pärlor. Jag älskar det. Så himla roligt. Knasigt. Och gigantiskt. Att det nyps lite i nacken är något man lugnt kan leva med.
    Det är ju från helt vanliga H&M. Så kanske kan hitta på tradera?