Nov 9, 2010

So happy together

London was great!

I will just show some random photos, there's no particular order.

Me, lost but happy, on our way to Portobello market.

We found it finally! I love Portobello market.

How cool isn't that wall? I want it in our apartment!

We found the sweetest little shop ever, somewhere near Oxford street.

Sisters in Hyde park.

A typical tourist-photo? Well, we were actually tourists!

Portobello market in my heart.

There will come more photos soon. I can't give you all at once ;) And I will also write more about what we did and what I bought (fabrics!!). My sister is hanging over my shoulder now stressing me, she also wants to write on her blog about london. So check out her blog soon as well!

So long!

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  1. Portobello market looks great! I love these photos...