Nov 28, 2010

My own advent calendar

As you know, christmas is not far away. I felt that I wanted to do something special here on my blog before christmas. And you know the advent calendars you had when you were a kid, I kinda miss them. When you got to open one flap each day before cristmas and find something in there.

Well, I thought I would make my own advent calendar here. A DIY-calendar.

Starting 1th of december, ending christmas eve (which is the day that we celebrate here in sweden), I will make a small DIY-project every day and share it with you here on the blog and write how I made it. It can be re-makes or made from scratch. It can be christmas decorations or christmas presents or something totally different.

So, at least one post every day filled with fun projects and tips, I think it will be really fun, hope you're with me!

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