Aug 13, 2010

Barcelona blues

I love this necklace that I and my sister bought at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. Anna (my sister) remaked it by adding the golden chain instead of the leather string that was there before.

I finished my summer job yesterday, yay! But the best thing is that I probably have a job next summer too. In Barcelona!! There is this family I met yesterday that lives there and next summer they needed a nursemaid for their children. So they asked me if I wanted the job and come and live with them. I'm so happy! There's just one small problem; the kids only speak spanish, and my spanish vocabulary is very limited. But the mum said that that wasn't going to be a problem since she wanted the children to learn some english. So I guess it's not a problem. At least not a problem big enough to stop me from taking the job. They will only need help in the afternoon, so maybe I can take a spanish course or something in the mornings. I'm really excited about this!

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  1. You lucky girl, a summer in Spain. Have fun and good luck with the Spanish lessons.