Jul 28, 2010

When I wear it I feel cute

I have one new garment to show you, but I have no time to take pictures on it since I'm working 9-5 every weekday and am to tired when I come home. So an old dress will have to serve instead. I used Elaine's wonderful coffee date dress-pattern as a base, but changed it a bit. I really like the exposed zipper detail!

And by the way, when I looked at these pictures I realised that the only way you could possibly guess that I once played soccer, is to look at my calfs. Haha.


  1. Åh, vilken underbar klänning! :) och jättefin du är i håret, det är så världsfint med lång och tjock fläta!

  2. a great fit and looking so girly and feminine with a contrasting spicey note given by the zipper!