Jul 16, 2010

Hello there!

Sooo, welcome to my blog. And I don't really know what to say here...

Okay, I'll make a very short presentation of myself and the blog.

My name is Horn. Lisa Horn. I'm 17 years old and I study fashion design in high school. I live in Sweden and I'm a pretty geeky person, instead of going out to parties and stuff like that, I prefer sitting at home with my sewing machine. I like creating stuff, I design and sew clothes, make jewellery, draw pictures and, well.. I just love DIY.

And that's pretty much what this blog is going to contain I suppose. And a lot of inspiration.

Happy reading!


  1. Hey Lisa

    I saw your blog from top to end, and I am very well impressed! Congratulations.. you really are an artist.. I'm sure you'll be recognized as a Designer if you keep on!! Keep on the good work!! I will follow your work from now on :)

    Brenda (Portugal)

  2. Hi Brenda, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your comment made me so happy! Thanks a lot :)