Aug 14, 2011


Long time, no see. As you might know I've been in Barcelona for the summer. I love that city, it wasn't the last time I was there, that's for sure! I worked as an au pair, which I didn't enjoy that much, but it was ok. Anyway, the free time I had I really enjoyed, exploring Barcelona and meeting fun people.

I have way too many pictures to show all here, and right now I'm to lazy to pick out a few. So instead I'm gonna show you something I've made. And maybe some barcelona-pics will appear here in a while. I have some new and some old garments to show you, but they will have to wait (I'm on the wrong computer) So first out is a cake plate that I made out of a plate and a candlestick.


And a few minutes and a little glue later:


  1. Ooh that's a great idea! I love cakeplates. I also really like your new layout and background!

  2. waiting for the cakes! your new layout matches so well the plate border! welcome back!