Feb 14, 2011

It keep on growing..

..higher and higher.

And no one does anything about it..


  1. Haha! That reminded me of the growing garbage poem by Shel Silverstein! [http://mste.illinois.edu/courses/ci407su01/students/north/kristy/Project/K-Poem-Net.html]

    But I can relate - my family always wants to know why I keep getting more and more and more fabric!

    By the way, I love the florals and that bike print you have in your stash.

  2. I feel the same way! I say to myself no more fabric, and then I find a sale, or I'm simply distracted and the fabric sneaks onto my credit card without me noticing. Either way my fabric doesn't all fit in the one spot now, it's slowly taking over my room.

    Oh but it's so pretty!!

  3. Same here! Running out of space! but some of the patterns are so cute I'm scared I'd ruin them!

  4. is that your fabric stash? Oh my! well???:D

    so noone does anything abt it huh? If you don't want "higher and higher" make more piles:D ;)